Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and today I thought I would do something fun and a little different again. This is probably going to be a one time thing, but it’s going to be fun one! For this, I thought about doing a bit of a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.

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I’ve had this idea for quite some time and felt that it was time to implement it. Pokemon is such a huge wide phenomenon that, practically, everyone knows about. (A bit more so than Yu-Gi-Oh, sadly, but we’ll get there one day! :triumph: ) Also, fun fact, there is a fan made version of the Pokemon Fire Red game, but has all of the Pokemon replaced with Yu-Gi-Oh monsters. RevzCards has actually made some gameplay videos of it, so if you’re interested, here’s a link to one of his videos.




Anyway, how this is going to work is I’m gonna go through my personal dream team. In other words, I will be following in Ash’s footsteps and just stick with 6 Yu-Gi-Oh monsters. I will also be doing a little bit of detail for each one, like what their type would be, what they can evolve into, and maybe a little bit of backstory of how I came across them in the world of Yugimons.


Anyway, let me introduce you to my dream team! (I’ll be introducing them in chronological order.)


Coral Dragon (Water-type)

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Coral Dragon here was my very first Yugimon. When I was ready to go out into the world and become a trainer, Coral Dragon was one the 3 starter Yugimons I got to choose from. But back then, he was only a Tatsunoko (Water-type).

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I don’t know why, but I just had a thing for the Water starter types, so I decided to go with my gut and chose Tatsunoko. (He was especially helpful since the first gym was a Rock-type gym.) After going through our journey together, doing some intense training, and having fierce battles, he eventually evolved into the Coral Dragon he is today.


Coral has had my back since the beginning, and I do my best to have his. While he may not be the strongest Yugimon on my team, he still works really hard to keep his strength top notch and his skills as sharp as ever. I hope he continues to keep having my back in the future.


Linkuriboh (Cyberse-type)

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This is Linkuriboh, my partner. I know that Coral Dragon was my first Yugimon, but after meeting Linkuriboh, he just developed into being my go to partner.


We first met when I went to visit a family friend. A scientist that was on the brink of discovering a new kind of Yugimon. However, there was a brief accident, and I got transported to a new world.

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As I looked for a way out, I came across a scared little Yugimon, all by itself. Linkuriboh! Since we were both lost, we decided to journey together until we found our way back home.


After meeting some of the other Yugimons that were the same type as Linkuriboh, and facing a tough one too, Linkuriboh was finally reunited with his friends, and I found a way back home. But before I returned home, I was stopped by Linkuriboh, who decided to join me on my journey to become the best Yugimon trainer ever.


To this day, I don’t know why Linkuriboh made that decision. Maybe it was because of how he used to be so scared and I helped him become brave. Or maybe it was because of how we were able to bond so well with each other. Whatever the case is, I’m just glad to have Linkuriboh by my side. In fact, at this point, I can’t imagine going anywhere else without having my partner with me.


Oh, I almost forgot. I eventually discover that Linkuriboh has his own personal Z-move!

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We call it “Data Overflow”. Just like any other Z-move, it’s a one shot attack. However, what’s different about this Z-move is that, even if the opposing Yugimon it’s used against doesn’t get scratched by this move, they have shown to have become severely weakened by it. Only for a little while though. Regardless, it’s an incredible move.


Stardust Dragon (Dragon-type)

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This is Stardust Dragon, my ace Yugimon. Out of all of my Yugimon battles, I can always count on Stardust Dragon. In fact, he has won most of all the Yugimon battles I have had. Maybe it’s because of his love for battling. All I know is, when things get really tough, he is able to persevere and make a miracle happen.


I first met Stardust back when he was just a Stardust Synchron.

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After just barely winning my first gym badge, I figured catching a new Yugimon might help us out. When trying to decide on which one, I came to a place called Starlight Junktion.

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Here, the locals told me of a place near the city that has a type of Yugimon that acts as the guardians of the city. They were especially known for how skilled they were in battle, and how they hardly lost a battle. Upon hearing this, I decided that my next catch was going to be one of them.


Once I reached where they were, I could see first hand why they were so well known for being such amazing fighters. While there, I came across one of the young Stardust Synchrons that just loved to battle. While all the other Yugimons were just living their lives, this little guy was always looking to spar with someone.


Seeing its fighting spirit, I challenged Stardust Synchron to a battle, and boy was he tough, even at his current form at the time. In fact, I actually lost that battle. I sent out both Tatsunoko and Linkuriboh, and Stardust just destroyed them both. It was a good battle, but I was saddened that I couldn’t match that Yugimon’s level. However, Stardust Synchron then offered to join me on my journey. Probably just so he could battle some more, but I took him up on that offer, and he has proven his strength time and time again.


In fact, later on, after he became the Stardust Dragon he is today, I learned that Stardust could actually mega evolve!

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Thanks to the Staradiumnite we got, I could now mega evolve Stardust into Shooting Star Dragon! And let me tell you, if you thought Stardust Dragon was tough, wait until you see his mega evolve form. Holy cow!


Break Sword (Dark and Ghost-type)

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Break Sword and I have an interesting story. You see, back when it was just me, Tatsunoko, Linkuriboh, and Stardust Synchron, we headed to a town that had a spooky story about the forest it dwelled next to. The story said not to get lost within the forest. For if you do, and you come across a thick fog, you would then be attacked by the Yugimon that lived within it.


Upon hearing this, I had to see this Yugimon for myself and challenge it to a battle. I soon headed to the forest, got lost (as intended), and sure enough, the Yugimon came. After discovering the Yugimon was a Break Sword, I got ready to battle it. However, during our battle, I soon realized what Break Sword was actually doing.


It turns out the forest contained some ancient ruins within it, and the spirits that were once part of this ancient civilization still resided there.

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Break Sword wasn’t just attacking at random, it was trying to scare away travelers that got too close to the ruins; it was protecting the spirits. As soon as I realized that, that’s when they appeared, the Dark Signers.

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They were an evil gang that were looking to capture these spirits in hopes of increasing the strength of their Yugimons. Break Sword wasn’t about to let them get away with it, and neither was I, so we decided to team up. During our battle against the Dark Signers, we were doing well, but soon started to get pushed back a bit. That’s when some of the town residents showed up and gave us a helping hand in defeating the Dark Signers.


After the battle, the spirits were overjoyed with the residents helping them. Soon after noticing that the residents were nothing to be afraid of, the spirits decided to accept the townsfolk into their residence. Of course, this meant Break Sword was kind of out of a job now. The spirits, though, insisted that I should take Break Sword with me, as they could tell how much fun Break Sword and I were having during our battle against the Dark Signers.


But before I could capture Break Sword, he first wanted to finish our battle, so we continued it. In the end, I knocked him out, captured him, and Break Sword became the fourth member of my team.


While Break Sword may not have any evolution forms, he is still a powerful Yugimon. He is always willing to take on any Yugimon we come across.


Black Rose Dragon (Grass, Fire and Dragon-type)

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Black Rose is another interesting one. You see, in my journey, I traveled to this unique forest place that was not only inhabited with a special kind of Yugimons known as the Rose Dragons, but it’s said to be the world’s largest garden. No one knows if it first started out as a garden that gradually grew bigger, or if the forest slowly transformed into a garden due to the Yugimons that inhabited it. Either way, it was quite the scenery.

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While I was there, my Yugimons and I we’re getting some training in. Stardust Synchron was sparing against Coral Dragon (Tatsunoko evolved some time after Break Sword joined the team). During it, we noticed that some Yugimons we’re getting picked on by a bigger Yugimon, so we decided to interfere and protect them. Among them was Black Rose, who was just a Red Rose Dragon (Grass and Dragon-type) at the time.

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When we first protected Red Rose and her friends, it was Stardust Synchron that was the first one to jump in and protect them from the bigger Yugimon, so I guess you can say Stardust left a very good impression on Red Rose. And I mean a VERY good impression.


After realizing that the Rose Dragons were having this issue with the big Yugimon, due to their protector being gone for quite some time, my Yugimons and I decided to help train them so they could defend themselves. Of course, as we helped train them, I couldn’t help but notice Red Rose looking at Stardust Synchron almost all the time. And at the same time get jealous when one of the other Rose Dragons got friendly with him.


After the training was done, they took on the big Yugimon, by themselves, and came out on top. Soon after, their guardian had finally returned to the Garden Forest. As my Yugimons and I said our goodbyes, Red Rose was having a tough time trying to say goodbye. Specifically to Stardust Synchron.


Instead of saying goodbye though, I offered Red Rose the chance to come with us. A bit hesitant at first, but all of her friends knew how much she liked Stardust, so they encouraged her to go. Now without any worries, Red Rose accepted the offer and became the 5th member to join my team.


Some time after the rest of my Yugimons evolved to their peak evolution, something amazing happened with Black Rose.


During a 2v2 battle, I had Black Rose Dragon working together with Stardust Dragon. The battle was tough, and during it, Black Rose was about to get knocked out by a combination attack, but Stardust quickly swooped in and saved her again. However, while Stardust was not out of the fight, he was severely weakened by that combination attack, so now it was Black Rose’s turn to protect Stardust.


As both Black Rose and I got fired up, Black Rose suddenly started to transform, and became Ruddy Rose Dragon!

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This was not an evolution form though, as Ruddy Rose turned back into Black Rose soon after the battle ended (something like what Greninja from Pokemon can do). During that time though, Ruddy Rose was incredible as she not only displayed a similar power to what Stardust had, but was able to knock out both of the two opposing Yugimons all by herself. Some say this transformation happened because of the connection Black Rose and Stardust shared. Others say it was because of love.


Me though, I don’t really mind whichever one is the truth. I’m just glad I could see my Yugimons become so strong and work together.


Borrelsword Dragon (Steel and Dragon-type)

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This is my trump card, Borrelsword Dragon. I call him that because when it comes to battling, Borrelsword can really bring down the hammer. Whenever a Yugimon does battle against Borrelsword, they are in for the fight of their lives, legendary, mega evolve or not. He’s even became Stardust’s rival, due to how many battles these two have had.


How I came across Borrelsword was like this. On my travels, we were walking through a mountain terrain area, and winding up meeting you know who. But back then, he was only a Miniborrel Dragon (Steel and Dragon-type).

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This Yugimon is said to have three different evolved forms. Borrelsword was one of them. The others were: Borreload Dragon and Borrelguard Dragon.

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He could’ve gone for either one, but ended up becoming a Borrelsword.


Where was I? Oh, right, the meeting. Anyway, when we first met Miniborrel, he was looking for a fight, so Stardust Synchron volunteered to take him on. It was a good battle, but Stardust ended up losing that fight, and boy did it hurt him.


I realized that the only way to cheer him up was to help him beat that Miniborrel, so we started to train harder than we did before. By doing so, he learned a new move! With it, we took it as a sign that we were ready. We soon found Miniborrel and challenged it for round 2.


Just like the last battle, it was tough, but this time, Stardust came out on top! Also, during it, we could tell how much fun Miniborrel was having. The same way Stardust enjoyed battling so much. Upon realizing this, I decided to capture it. Sure enough, as soon as we knocked it out, I managed to capture it!


And with that, Miniborrel became the 6th member of my team, and Stardust’s rival. I can’t tell you how much the two have pushed each other during our journey. They just loved battling so much. It’s good though, because with these two having a tough opponent to face every single day, they are able to be on top of their game. (Black Rose was a bit jealous at first, but eventually came around. That’s a story for another time.)


Again, if you face my Borrelsword, your little Yugimon best be ready. Borrelsword is one of the toughest Yugimons that I know, and he ain’t about to go easy on anyone


And that is my Yugimon team! Together, we will dominate the Yugimon world, and become the greatest Yugimon trainer to have ever lived!

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Thank you for reading this! I have to say, this was a lot of fun. There were other monsters I wish I could’ve included, but this was still good enough. I even made a little story out of this whole thing. Maybe I might make another one like this in the future. Who knows?


Anyway, let me know in the comments what you thought about this! Did you like my dream team? What about my little backstory with each one of them? Do you think you can make a better Yugimon dream team? Go on, I dare you! Let’s see how your team stacks up to mine!

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I’ll see you guys in the next one! Hope you have/had an awesome day today! :grin: :thumbsup: