What We Teach


What We Teach in Yu-Gi-Oh Tutorials

Module 1

Here, we go through and explain how the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! works. Even if you already know how the game works, there’s nothing wrong with getting a refresher. You might just learn something new that you didn’t know before, and that’s exactly what we break down here.

We provide to you a more detailed explanation of the basic rules and how every specific card works. If you can learn about these littlest details, you will be able to catch your opponents off guard with great ease.

Module 2

In this module, we explain more about how the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! works. As well as some stuff that’s part of the game that you find about in any rulebook. More importantly, we talk about how to improve both your deck and yourself at the game.

If you think just throwing in a bunch of cards you like together and expect the heart of the cards to carry you to victory, then you clearly don’t understand how the heart of the cards works. The heart of the cards will only respond to those that have built a truly strong deck. And only those that have the skills will make the best use out of whatever their deck gives them. Are you capable of being that person? More importantly: how much effort are you willing to put in to become that person?

Module 3

This is where we take a deep dive into the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! Here is where the kitty gloves come off. Warning: if you are not a fan of reading, then you best start becoming one. All the way down to each and every word that’s used.

Understanding the deeper parts of the rules will be your greatest weapon in a duel. If you can master what most players deem to be one of, if not the hardest thing in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!, then you are already better than 90% of all players.

Module 4

Competitions are no joke. And competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! is no exception. If you wish to take part in tournaments and play against some of the best skilled players at the game, then you best bring your a-game. But before you can do that, you best learn how competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! works and what to be prepared for.

You will also learn some new tips & tricks that you can use to your advantage. But as you go through this, just remember: we are called “human beings” not “perfect beings”. You will run into some bad apples every now and then. There’s no escaping that. Learn how to deal with them now rather than never.

Module 5

While we live in such an advanced society that allows us to connect with other people all around the world from the comfort of our bedroom, there’s just something about playing in person that can’t be beat. I can’t tell you how many players enjoy this type of experience. But of course, playing in real life ain’t no walk in the park.

If you plan to take on the world outside of your house, you will need the right gear, and that doesn’t come as freely as we would like it to. You will most likely have to make the best out of what you can get your hands on. But remember: you are not alone in this endeavor, and you don’t have to do it alone.