Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and welcome to “YGO Recap Week!” The weekly series where we go over just about any and all Yu-Gi-Oh! related goodness so you don’t miss out on anything.

We have some interesting stuff to go over. And no, it’s not all about the meta game this time. We had some exciting new reveals, a new banlist for Master Duel (which is the fastest banlist update ever considering we got one at the beginning of September), and the content reveal of an exciting new product that players of all fan bases may very well enjoy. Anyway, let’s get into it!

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Master Duel


A new banlist has been announced for Master Duel! First off, that was fast banlist update ever considering we just recently got a new banlist. Second off, it’s hitting some good stuff. “Crystron Halqifibrax” is now banned. “Water Enchantress” got limited. “Spellbook of Judgment” went from being banned to limited. And a whole bunch of other cards got semi-limited. Some of which are floodgates like “Rivalry of Warlords” and “Gozen Match”. The rest of that section are cards being bumped up from 1 to 2. Oh, and then we have “The Beginning of the End” and “Harmonizing Magician” go to 3.

However, the community has noted that there are still quite a couple of other cards that did not get touched. Such as “Predaplant Verte Anaconda”, “Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk”, the list would just go on. But I will say, this new list is definitely welcomed. Especially since Master Duel is different from both the OCG and TCG, given how it’s a best of 1 format.

This won’t change the current Master Duel meta by too much, but it does deal with the Adventurer engine and the Link/Synchro combo that have been running about so much lately. Now obviously the Adventurer engine is still going to be a thing. But the combo one that Halqifibrax was a part of will be no more. Along with so many other combos. (Like the one that leads into “Accesscode Talker”.) And I do enjoy the, sort of, hits to a few of the floodgates.

This new list will go into effect on September 30th (except for “Spellbook of Judgment” which has already gone into effect).

Master Duel Synchro Xyz Festival

Quick reminder: the Synchro/Xyz festival starts tomorrow, and I’m excited to see what decks/strategies everyone brings to the table. I’m expecting to see decks like Swordsoul, Phantom Knights, Virtual World and such. (But did they have to ban T.G. Hyper Librarian from this event too? :sob: ) Your prizes from this event will be some gems, of course, a Quillbolt Hedgehog mate, and a Synchro/Xyz Festival title.

Konami seems to have really taken into account the stuff that has happened in the previous events and are trying their best to make sure players play the event the way it’s supposed to be. They are even making sure True Draco isn’t a thing for this event like in the others. Players may find a way to do the opposite though. We’ll see when the event starts.

Duel Links

Duel Links VRAINS World



It has finally been revealed that the long awaited world of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS is coming to Duel Links! With this update comes, of course, Link Monsters, and the new Extra Monster Zones. A new feature is also added to the game that will let you choose if you want to manually place your cards on the field. This is important because card placement is now gonna become a more important thing now that Link Monsters are entering into the fray.

However, one thing we currently don’t know is if players will have to follow the Extra Monster Zone rule in the VRAINS era where players Extra Deck monsters are locked into the Extra Monster Zones and need Link Monsters to help summon more of them, or if that rule will only apply to Pendulum and Link Monsters, like how it is currently in the trading card game. I personally think it’ll be the latter. I say this because when Konami first applied the Extra Monster Zone lock rule to the trading card game, it did not go over so well in the OCG. Their income went down over there. So I think they will want to avoid making that same mistake again here.

And of course, there will be a new pack, and structure deck, that includes Link Monsters. And the first 3 VRAINS characters being added to the game will be Playmaker & Ai, Soulburner, and Go Onizuka. Along with their skills that they’ve used in the VRAINS anime. There’s also a hint that Blue Angel is going to be added as well, but she will be one that you need to unlock.

We all knew this day was gonna come. Now players, and fans of VRAINS, can play the game like how it was when it was first introduced in the VRAINS anime. Let’s see how well this will go over in Duel Links. This new update goes live on September 28th. But the Extra Monster Zones should be released by now.

TCG News

Crystal Beast Structure Deck


The full contents of the Crystal Beast Structure Deck has been revealed, thanks to our fellow YugiTubers. As expected, we got the new Crystal Beast cards for all you Jesse Anderson/Crystal Beast fans out there. And some cool looking token cards that you’ll like as well. You’ll also want to get that one Trap card from the mega tins. It’ll fit perfectly with this deck.

For everyone else: there’s a good amount of reprints in this set. As we know, Ash Blossom is in it, so that’s always good. We also have: Ghost Belle, Dimension Shifter, Cosmic Cyclone, Meta verse, and Contact “C”. If you don’t have any of these cards, or need to get some cheaper versions, this will be the best time to get them.

As a reminder: the structure deck releases on September 30. And if you want, you can do a fun challenge with it. You can either play with 3 copies of the structure deck and compete at your locals with it to see how far you go. Or, you and your friends get one and have a fun little tournament of your own. There’s always some fun to have with these structure decks.

Photon Hypernova Cover Pack


Photon Hypernova has finally been announced for the TCG! Its product description already mentions most of what we already know from what’s been revealed so far in the OCG. However, it did mention a few key worthy things to note.

First off, the Kshatri-La archetype is now going to be called “Kashtira” here in the TCG. It’s pretty much just an anagram of Kshatri-La, but without the “L”. Second off, they teased a little bit about some of the new World Premiere cards that are going to be in this set. One about a monster that, from my guess, gains an effect depending on where you banish your monsters from (to summon it?)

The other note is for the newest World Premiere archetype. And according to the description it’s, “the most dangerous race ever devised by man”. Sounds like a racing theme, at first, but if you look at the beginning of it, it says “Saddle up, Duelists!” I don’t think you would use the term “saddle up” unless there are horses involved or something. So maybe this could be a western themed archetype? Maybe a bit of both? Who knows.

This set will be released to the TCG on February 8-10. This will also imply that the Premiere Event for it will take place on February 4-5. So mark down your calendars, duelists!

Card Reveals

Kashtira Arise-Heart


We got a whopping 10 new cards revealed for the Starfrost lore. Most of these new cards are support for the Kashtira archetype that came out in Darkwing Blast. And boy is this archetype looking to turn up the heat. They have more monsters to use to try and go for some Xyz plays. And they have a new Xyz Monster that can be summoned in a similar fashion to how you can summon Zeus.

However, some of these cards are also little support cards for both Scareclaw and Tearlaments. I think it’s really cool how Konami is able to continue giving support to these other archetypes, while still having it be about the newest archetype coming out of the set. We’re probably going to see these archetypes keep getting new support as we move forward, so best be on the lookout.

Real quick, let me just say, after seeing what this new support does for this archetype, Kashtira could actually have potential to be meta. Its zone lock gimmick has been advanced, and it’s easier than ever to spam the field with Level 7 monsters. Heck, even if the opponent were to stop them with hand traps, they have plenty of more ways to summon monsters. If you want to see what I mean, then click here on Lithium’s video and see for yourself.


Of course though, this is just the first rough draft with the new support, so things could change over time.

Tearlaments Perlregia


Tearlaments are also getting direct support in this set with a new Field Spell. (Which is kind of perfect for the Tearlaments players in the OCG since the banlist just put their other Field Spell down to 1.) It’s not as good as the other Field Spell, but it does help them trigger their effects, and comes with the ATK boost as well. Overall, it’s pretty decent.

Switch Point & Sweet Room-Maid


Two cards are getting reprinted with new artworks in the OCG’s Selection 5 pack, those cards being: “Flying Pegasus Railroad Stampede” and “House Dragonmaid”. But that’s not all, as there are also some new cards in this product. Two of them have been revealed so far, and while they do look like support for the cards that are getting reprinted, they’re not. They’re pretty much their own cards

One is just, straight up, turns you into a dastardly, twisted mustache bad guy who ties up people on some railroad tracks and forces the oppoent to choose which one to save. (Will it be the life of one? Or the lives of many?) So pretty much, it’s the famous, brain teaser, trolley question in card form. The other card is kind of like a Quick–Play Spell version of “D.D. Crow”, but it shuffles the card it targets. While this one may not be the best, because, again, we have cards like “D.D. Crow”, there could be a use for it in the future. Maybe. Don’t mark my words on it.

VJump Promo 7


The next VJUMP promo card for the OCG got revealed, slightly. We don’t know what its effects are yet, but it’s hinted to work well Insect decks. Being able to Special Summon both itself and other Insect monsters. My first thought, upon seeing this, was Beetrooper, since the OCG just barely got them in their latest World Premiere pack. And that could be quite good since we know how good Beetroopers can be. At least, at a local level these days. Still though, this new Insect card might be quite good.

Decks To Checkout

3x Crystal Beast Structure Decks


With the contents of the Crystal Beast Structure Deck now fully revealed, El Exordio has kindly given us a Crystal Beast deck you can make using only 3 copies of the Crystal Beast Structure Deck. If you are looking to play something that’s both new and cheap, then try taking on the structure deck challenge at your locals when this structure deck hits shelves.

Laevateinn, Generaider Boss of Shadows


Duel Evolution shows off what the Generaider deck can do with its new support from Photon Hypernova. The deck can put up way more disruption, and potentially OTK the opponent now. Which is perfect for a deck like this, in my opinion.

Cyber Dragon Spright


HakunaMyData shares with us his take on an interesting Spright deck that uses a bit of a Cyber Dragon engine. It’s still pretty much a Spright deck, but it gives you some access to certain things that a normal Spright deck wouldn’t have access to, thanks to the Cyber Dragon cards that are used. It’s a really interesting take on the deck and something worth checking out if you feel like doing a little something out of the norm for the meta.

Favorite Content of the Week

Duel Des Rois


A French YugiTuber by the name of “Le Labo” has partnered with Konami to bring us this cool little series that showcases duels between some well known people that are either known for playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, or have not touched the game in years. It’s actually quite enjoyable since both players use anime decks that are mostly from the DM series to the GX series, and those decks include some both old and new cards. Definitely give this a shot. And there are closed captions, the good kind, that help translate for anyone that doesn’t know French, so don’t worry.

Crystal Beast vs Cyberdark


TeamAPS shows off what the Crystal Beast Structure Deck can do by presenting a fun little duel of it vs the Cyberdark Structure Deck. It’s a really fun duel, and I think shows just how good Crystal Beast decks can become, so you best respect them next time you face off against them.

Deal Or No Deal logo


DistantCoder brings us the latest episode of his Deal or No Deal series. This time inviting Farfa to the game. Does Farfa pick a good card to auction off to the community, only to be taken by the banker, Nyhmnim? Or does he pick the bottom of the barrel prize and possibly screw over Nyhmnim to spend hundreds of dollars for nothing? The suspense is fun, and the laughs are good ones so be sure to check this out.


Thank you guys for reading this! There’s been a lot of fun and cool stuff revealed. I might get my hands on 3 of those Crystal Beast Structure Decks and take on the Structure Deck challenge. And those new Kashtira cards make the deck pretty darn scary, so best be ready for them before it becomes a big thing in February when we get Photon Hypernova. Lastly, what do you think the theme of the new World Premier archetype is going to be? Would love to see what you guys think!

P.S. If you wish to challenge me to a duel, click here to find out how. http://aminoapps.com/p/arl3xic

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