Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and welcome to “YGO Recap Week!” The weekly series where we go over just about any and all Yu-Gi-Oh! related goodness so you don’t miss out on anything.

We had a whole lot of stuff that happened this past week. Some big changes have been made to the game, for one particular area. And we finally got some new card reveals! I can’t wait to see what players come up with. But anyway, there’s a lot we need to touch on, so let’s go over and see what happened this past week.

YGO Recap 9132022

Master Duel

Master Duel Card Pool Update 092022

Master Duel has received an update this past week, and with it came a new selection pack with a bunch of brand new cards. Including the highly anticipated Branded cards, which now makes Branded Despia fully available in Master Duel (but you will need to cough up some UR points if you’re not willing to spend some gems on the packs). And it seems to have already started taking names left and right within the Master Duel community. And catching a few players by surprise with Mirrojade’s End Phase destruction effect.

Of course though, the pack does come with other new stuff. Such as the new Blue-Eyes cards for all of you Blue-Eyes fans out there. Along with some strong heavy hitters like Borrelend Dragon and Swordsoul Sinister Sovereign – Qixing Longyuan. There’s also a hint of Ghostrick and Vampire support if that interests you. Also, you will be seeing that Xyz Monster, Zombie Vampire, some time soon if you haven’t already.

A new selection pack wasn’t everything though. We also have a new solo gate that goes a little in-depth about the lore of the Mermail archetype, which will net you some Mermail sleeves and an icon. Then we also have a new Swordsoul themed duel field and icon available for purchase. Along with some new attribute sleeves for all of you LIGHT and DARK fans.

The Master Duel metagame is gonna take a bit of a shift, if it hasn’t already. Best start practicing against Branded Despia, because that deck is sticking around for a good long while. At least until Spright and Tearlaments come to Master Duel, which is an entirely different game there.

Synchro Xyz Festival

Lastly, according to the community data miners, the next event coming to Master Duel is going to be a Synchro and Xyz festival. Basically, you will only be able to use Synchro and Xyz in your Extra Deck. So you can either focus on one of the two summoning mechanics, or use both. No word on when this event will start, but I’m excited to see how this event turns out.

Oh, and we’re getting a Spellbook of Prophecy structure deck as well. I don’t know how to feel about this one. Spellbook hasn’t quite been a big thing since 2013. And even then, it wasn’t very Extra Deck focused. We don’t know what it’ll come with yet, but even if we don’t know… I think I’ll just leave it to that.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Meta


The OCG just got the release of their new banlist, which will go into effect on October 1st. It has brought a big number of changes to their metagame by hitting both Ishizu Tearlaments and Spright, which hopefully will open up enough space for other decks to come and start topping more frequently. However, Sprights and Tearlaments won’t be giving up without a fight.

If you want to see what changes were made to the banlist, here’s my post that goes over each of the changes and what this could mean for the OCG moving forward.



YCS Logo

YCS Niagara took place this past weekend, and holy cow did it receive a lot of players. So much so in fact that they had to do a lottery for the last remaining spots. A lottery! That’s a first, as far as I know. As the event unfolded, we, once again, were given similar results that we’ve been getting for the past month now. Decks like Spright and Tearlaments are still taking most of the top spots left and right. But we still had other decks like Floowandereeze and Mathmech make an appearance at the top cut as well.

By the time the event ended, we had our winner, which was Raymond Dai and his Exosister deck! (Yes, he was playing Mystic Mine in the Main Deck. And Necorvalley too.)

Raymond Dai

Second place went to the famous pro player Jesse Kotton, who played Danger! Tearlaments. Third place went to Cristian Urena, who played a more pure version of Tearlaments. Lastly, fourth place went to Dominic Couch and his Danger! P.U.N.K. Spright Tearlaments deck (dang, that deck name is a bit of a mouthful).

Congrats to these players, and to all of the other players that topped, for working so hard to get where they ended up. If you want to see some of the deck profiles that topped at this event, here are some links to them.

https://yugiohblog.konami.com/2022/09/the-top-8-deck-lists/#more-42980 (Top 8 deck profiles, courtesy of Konami themselves)

https://www.youtube.com/c/aznpersuasion2008 (Aznpersuasion’s channel for those of you that want a more in-depth profile)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14mZ7Psur7M&t (Jesse Kotton’s in-depth deck profile, courtesy of Crush Cards)

Now that Niagara has come and gone, hopefully we get a new banlist some time this month before October starts. ‘Cause October is when YCS Minneapolis will take place. And actually, we recently received confirmation for YCS Utrecht! This event will take place on October 14-16, which is a week before YCS Minneapolis. Registrations for YCS Utrecht are now open, so if you want to pre-register ahead of time, and not have to go through a potential lottery process, then click the link below to sign up for the event.


But until then, there is one big event coming up that you might be interested in taking part in. The OTS Championship!

POTE OTS Championshipo

The OTS Championship is going to be taking place on September 24-25 at a select couple of OTS stores. You can use this as an opportunity to compare your skills against other strong duelists and test out your decks that you’re looking to compete with. And if you win, you can get that awesome looking playmat of Kurikara Divincarnate. However, not all OTS stores will be hosting them, so be sure to head on over to the Yu-Gi-Oh! website (https://www.yugioh-card.com/), select your region, click events, then click “OTS Championships” to start looking and see which OTS stores closest to you are hosting the Championship.

Card Reveals

Finally, finally, we have gotten some new cards revealed!

Chaos Archfiend


A reveal of new Chaos support cards has been revealed, and it’s really interesting. Not only are they heavily focused on LIGHT and DARK Synchro Monsters, but they’re making it clear that all of the Tuner monsters are the LIGHT monsters. Which makes sense when you look at the summoning requirements for the Synchro Monsters.

But what makes this really interesting is not just the fact that they’re chaos related cards, but the fact that it’s indirect support for a card that was first released back in 2010, Chaos Goddess.

Chaos Goddess

At that time, Chaos Goddess was not that good. I mean, look at her summoning requirements. Trying to fulfill it back in 2010 was not gonna net you much advantage. Especially if you read what she does. Now though, she has a, sort of, archetype that she can now be a part of.

Will this new support be really good? There’s a strong possibility. These cards could be quite useful in some sort of Chaos deck, if said deck doesn’t mind being locked into Synchro Monsters afterwards. (Note: only one of the cards locks your Extra Deck to LIGHT and DARK Synchro Monsters the turn you activate it. The rest are for the “rest” of the turn.)

Evigishki Nereimanas


Next up we have four brand new cards for the Gishki archetype. All of which are very solid support cards. An in-archetype ROTA, a guy who summons a Gishki monster from the Deck, the first Gishki Ritual Monster to have a Quick-Effect (which is a monster negate effect), and a new Ritual Spell that can use one of your opponent’s monsters (and yes, you can pick any monster; including Xyz and Link Monsters).

For those of you that don’t know, Gishki was kind of a big deal back in the day. Not because they could spam out a bunch of cool Ritual Monsters. It was mostly for its hand looping combo that made your opponent shuffle their entire hand back into their deck on turn 1. Hence why two of their cards got Limited back in the day, but are now completely off the list.

I’ve seen what these new cards can possibly do, and oh boy are we in for a treat. Maybe. It depends how things play out moving forward. All I’m gonna say is: if you’re someone that hates a lot of BS stuff, you best either keep getting used to it, or develop a change of heart. There’s a good chance we will see this archetype again in the future.

Evil Eye Resurrection


I think Konami is trying to tell Evil Eye players to use the Link Monsters more often. Evil Eye has been given two brand new cards. One that makes it easier to Link Summon into the Evil Eye Link Monsters by letting you use the Equip Spells as Link material. The other new card acts as a double Foolish Burial, nets you an Equip Spell, and lets you equip an Evil Eye Equip Spell to an Evil Eye Link Monster that you just summoned.

While these new pieces of support are nice, they won’t make Evil Eye super competitive. Unless there’s something I’m completely neglecting. Still though, it’s nice to see Konami giving attention to Evil Eye. It may not have had much headway in the Yu-Gi-Oh! community, but it’s still nice that they’re giving it some attention.

Laevateinn, Generaider Boss of Shadows


Finally, Generaider has also been revealed to be getting two brand new cards from Photon Hypernova. It’s actually really good. One gives you actual set up on turn 1, so you don’t have to rely too much on the Field Spell now. And the new Xyz is actually a good piece of disruption. Generaider probably still won’t be meta after this, but you can’t deny that this support is dope.


Five-Headed Dragon Funko Pop


If you’re a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Funko Pops, or both, then you might want to get your hands on the new Five-Headed Dragon Funko Pop! This is just one of the many Funko Pops revealed for the Frightmare on Fun Street lineup for New York Comic Con 2022, which will be held on October 6th to October 9th. If you’re not able to go to this event, fear not, for Gamestop will also be selling this Funko Pop on October 7th. (Details on how to get this Funko Pop in the UK & Europe will be revealed later.)

I will say, if they wanted to do a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster for this Frightmare on Fun Street, they should’ve gone with one of the Frightfur monsters.

Frightfur Sabere-Tooth

Seriously, look at it, this archetype just screams that it’s perfect for the Halloween theme. Total missed opportunity, in my opinion.

Decks To Checkout

Scareclaw Tearlaments


Triff Gaming shares his Scareclaw Adventurer Tearlaments deck that he took to YCS Niagara. He didn’t get a chance to participate at the main event, but he did manage to win two Attack of The Giant Card side events with this deck. It’s a very interesting and cool deck from both a competitive and lore perspective.

Chaos Byssted


Duelist Evolution gives us a very interesting and fun deck that mixes both the Byssted archetype and the new Synchro Chaos cards. With a dash of the P.U.N.K. engine. It can become quite explosive, and you always are gonna have a big beater to summon out on your turn.

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon


If you’re looking to update, or build a Blue-Eyes deck on Master Duel with the latest support, give El Exordio’s build a shot. There’s a lot of explosive plays you can now do with this deck.

Favorite Content of the Week

Rare Hunters


TeamAPS has started a new series called “Rare Hunters”, where they open Yu-Gi-Oh! booster boxes, starting all the way from LOB, build a deck using the cards they have at their disposal and proceed to duel each other. The winner will receive the loser’s rarest card in their deck. It’s winner takes all!

Ehther the Heavenly Monarch


DistantCoder is back at it again with another YugiTuber Ruling Quiz video, but this time with, for the first time, Lithium2300, and seeing if he knows his Monarch rulings. Coder is always finding ways to really brainteeze his guests. And at the end of it, you always end the day knowing more about your Yu-Gi-Oh! rulings than the day before.


Thank you guys for reading this! I’m excited to see what possible new stuff might come up in the near future and what fun decks everyone is going to come up with. Hopefully by next issue we will have our newest TCG banlist. Change is coming, but let it not take too long.

P.S. If you wish to challenge me to a duel, click here to find out how. http://aminoapps.com/p/arl3xic

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