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Letter of Apology

Hello Everyone, Enishi’s (totally) Successor-in-training Mary is here! I would like to apologise on behalf of all the Newspaper Team for the lack of 2021 Content. We have suffered many internal issues amongst our members, notably our Boss being far more strained than normal with his irl duties (which are very high up in his department of work) alongside this, Yu-Gi-Oh has been somewhat dry, only having 1 Banlist so far this year, no events, and a few little things here and there. But don’t fret! We’re back, and we promise to stay! Now let’s get to it!


Synchro’s Blog and Video Segment!

We usually only do blogs that have been posted during this month, but since we’ve been a bit behind, we decided to take in ones that were also made in January and February.


Black Rose Dragon – My Favorite Card :rose:

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Peruniya does a great job going over why she loves Black Rose Dragon so much. She talks about her first encounter with Black Rose, her experience with the card, and shares a little personal history that explains why she connects so well with both Black Rose and its user, Akiza. It’s such a good read and a great way to connect to other Yu-Gi-Oh fans out there.


The Cycle Continues! Fabled Profile

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Will just never fails to give us some good deck profiles. Fableds got some new support in Blazing Vortex that made them more consistent than before. If you enjoy spamming out monsters to go into bigger, stronger monsters, or are looking for something new and different to try, then check out this profile! (Synchros will rise again!)


Competitive History of Infernity

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Zyro is someone that you know who does their research. You also have to admire the effort into making the post itself. He seriously goes into detail on how the deck evolved as time went on. If you want to learn some Yu-Gi-Oh history, then give this a read!


How to Play Pendulum Magician in 2021

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Av here gives out a nice update on the famous Pendulum Magician deck. While this post did come out in February, none of the cards Av put in this build had any of the cards hit, so it’s still playable. Plus, it’s a good build to start off with when you need to find a starting ground for it. If you want to give Pendulums a try, then give Av’s build a shot.


My Favorite Card: Slifer the Sky Dragon

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A bit of a short, but good detailed post by Chrysus. This person explains well on why something as common as Slifer the Sky Dragon is so precious to them. It’s fun to see someone go into detail on why something like this, that’s adored by so many to other people, matters more to them than to others, or when compared to any other card. If you’re looking for something fun to read, give Chrysus’ a shot.



Why Playing Bad Yu-Gi-Oh Decks is Okay

Why Playing Bad Yu-Gi-Oh Decks is Okay

Now normally we would just promote the video, but I would actually like to promote the whole channel, Team APS Plus. Mostly because of the discussions videos that Paul has put on it. And these discussions usually address some of the things that he sees quite frequently within the community. Not only does he give out his thoughts about the topic, and hit us with some hardcore truths, but he tries to give players a different way to look at it. Like in this video.


Paul talks about how not every deck is created equal, and decks that are low tier won’t always be able to win big tournaments. At the same time, though, he explains why it’s okay to love those kinds of decks. I feel that it’s important to go through these kinds of discussions and be reminded that this is how our version of Yu-Gi-Oh works, but, at the same time, understand the importance of why it is the way it is.


Some of these truths may feel like they suck, but you can’t always escape from the truth. Regardless, Paul still gives some interesting ideas that you can at least do to get the most enjoyment out of the game. I seriously enjoy Paul’s look at the other side of these kinds of topics. I highly recommend you check out the Team APS Plus channel, after watching the video, and see all the other cool stuff Team APS has uploaded onto it.


Luca’s Amino News Segment!!

Waddup y’all. It’s your favorite Dark World Dealer, Luca, back at it again lending my talents to the newspaper team. In the last 3 months or so, we’ve had a fair share of events happen on both Duel Amino and in the outside world of Yu-Gi-Oh, so imma give y’all a quick little recap on some of the highlights that have occurred since then. Let’s hop in.

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Starting off, January saw the first ever AMCS invitational take place. This event saw the gathering of some of Duel Amino’s best… and Slifer. After a week of fighting, the event was ultimately won by yours truly piloting Burning Abyss. After a not so strong start in swiss, I managed to turn things around and proved that some edgy anime protagonist is no match for the Chad Dante.

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Right now our current resident goth girl, Lil Goth, is currently hosting the “Favorite Card Challenge,” in which you get to make a post about your favorite card in the game. It’s a fun way for people to look back on their times and memories with iconic cards that may have shaped how they’ve become as both a player and a person. For me, my favorite card at least in recent memory is Magicians’ Souls. I think it’s a very powerful card with some amazing design quirks and I’m really happy that it allowed me to play my favorite deck of all time again at least for a few months. So if you wanna participate, figure out what your favorite card is and make something.

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At the time I’m writing this, the March AMCS is about to begin and may well be underway or even done by the time this paper comes out. As the winner of the AMCS Invitational, I chose to make the theme Sky Iris and made several changes designed to buff Pendulum, including Astrograph Sorcerer and Performapal Skullcrobat Joker to 1. As the first event of AMCS Series 2, this promises to be an interesting event to say the least.

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Looking outside of Duel Amino, a fair share of events have occurred in the past few months. Most notable is the massive surge of Remote Duel events. Most recently we saw the Remote Duel Invitationals take place in North America, South America, and Europe. Each event was won by Subterrors, Virtual World, and… Virtual World, respectively. Matches are on Youtube if you wanna watch, though they’re already pretty dated considering the most recent banlist

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The last event of note is the most recent LCS, which took place in mid-March. Played under the new list, the event featured over 200 players from across the Americas and Europe. Ultimately, the event was won by Dragon Link, establishing this as the de facto best deck of the format. However, with the format still being relatively new, it’ll be interesting to see how things will shape out in the future.


Mary’s YGO News Segment!


Yoyo it’s ya favourite Furry Reporter here, and while i know hardly anything has happened the past few months, we still can talk about everything that’s gone on, be it the ocg side or the tcg side! lets get into it!!


January Story: Roses are Sisters and Rivals are White Dragons

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Not much for January, although we did get the Season 2 to Legendary Duelists in the TCG, being the combination of White Dragon Abyss and Sisters of the Rose, which is better described as the LD Rivals and LD Best Girl sets. We got reprints aswell as a New BE and GE Card, but aside this a new OCG Banlist released, which unveiled Errata Wall Dragon being Limited, a foreshadowing for the TCG.


February Story: The Blazing Vortex Trashfire called War Rocks

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Next news will be with the Set that released in Febuary after many of its features were teased the month prior. Within it we received the S-Force (Security Force) Archetype, who all seem to be interconnected with the Time Thiefs, PSY-Frame (via that old vanilla Text on Driver) and even I:P Masquerena, the Armed Dragon Thunder sub-archetype that has phenomenally fixed Armed Dragons, and even some support for older archetypes like Windwitches and Fabled.


But then the TCG Exclusive War Rocks were shown…and my oh my how terrible they are. In my opinion they’re like a Worse version of the old Amazoness pre-ArcV support. I will not delve further due to the influx of their hate. Hopefully they get a redemption in a later set or are able to find a way to be useful.


March Story: The Death of a Wyrm Tyrant

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Finally for march the biggest news is the Banlist! We got quite a few nice moveabouts on the List, such as Bentens Limiting to hit Drytron in the knees, Union Carrier to free the cuddly Dragon Buster cutie from his spot, and even Firewall Dragon getting unlimited in over a month from the actual release of the Banlist. But of course we all know the true reason we care. The Tyranny of Utopic Zexal and more importantly, VFD (or for those unaware of the term, True Calamities) were both Banned, Zexal for issues that now after being quenched let Argent Chaos to get unbanned, and Calamities due to so many issues, especially its versatility in last years archetype Virtual World.


Thank you all for tuning in! We promise to keep more up to date now that the start of the year is speeding up, so expect an issue for April not too far in the future! We Appreciate all the help and support from you all, have a good Easter!


Issue produced by: Mary, Synchro, Luca & aqt

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