Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and I am here to talk about the brand new TCG banlist that got revealed a while back. Now this list is not as big as other previous lists we’ve had, but it still brought some interesting changes. These changes won’t be shaking up the current meta too much, but it does bring up some interesting topics worth discussing about. Keep in mind: this listthis list will only be affecting the TCG, which is everywhere but Asia. If you do not live in the TCG, then this list will not affect you in any way.


Also, for the first time ever, I have made a video version of this post! If you’re more interested in listening instead of reading, then click here to check out my video! And don’t worry, everything I will be covering in this post will also be covered in my video.


Anyway, let’s get into it!

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Remember: Forbidden = 0 copies; Limited = 1 copy; Sem-Limited = up to 2 copies; Unlimited/No Longer On List = up to 3 copies.




Zoodiac Barrage

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Man, Zoodiacs were only trying to help out some of their other beast comrades this time, and they still got hit. If you’ve not been paying attention to the current meta game, the best deck of the current format is Zoodiac Tri-Brigade. Tri-Brigade being the popular archetype that is able to work well with any Beast, Beast-Warrior and Winged Beast cards/decks.


This archetype is capable of being able to Link spam like crazy, especially since all of their main deck monsters can banish some monsters from their GY to summon out a Beast, Beast-Warrior or Winged Beast Link Monster. And their Link Monsters are also very powerful. Especially one that can banish any card on the field without needing to target the card. Combine that with a Trap Card that is not only searchable, but can also let you Link Summon during your opponent’s turn, and you have yourself an incredible piece of removal on board.


So where do Zoodiacs fit into all of this? Well, not only does the Zoodiac part help fill up the GY to give the Tri-Brigade monsters some fuel for their effects, but since they’re an Xyz archetype, they have access to one of the most powerful Xyz Monsters in the game, currently. That card being AA-ZEUS Sky Thunder.

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While the banning of Zoodiac Barrage does not stop Tri-Brigade from incorporating the Zoodiac archetype into the archetype, it makes it a bit harder for the deck to get instant access to a Zoodiac monster so they can go into ZEUS. While this hit doesn’t really kill Tri-Brigade, it does decrease the deck’s consistency, which is not too big of a deal as there are other cards the deck can use to increase their consistency. More on that in a bit.





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Eva is a card that has been used a lot in Drytron. By sending Eva to the GY, usually before their turn ends or during the opponent’s turn, they can get access to both Diviner of the Herald and Herald of Orange Light. With them, depending on how the opponent’s turn goes, they will either have a negate to stop their opponent in their tracks, or a follow-up play for next turn. (Most of the time it would be just an extra negate on hand.)


The reason this card went down to 1 is because Drytron players tend to play 2 copies of this card. And one of the things that Drytron players could do with 2 coupes of Eva is be able to search out another copy of Orange Light after they used one in their hand. Or, they can use the resources they’ve gained as fuel for the effects of either “Herald of Perfection” or “Herald of Ultimateness” (whichever one the Drytron player prefers).


While being able to use Eva twice (once during your turn and once during the opponent’s turn) doesn’t always happen, hitting Eva makes it so Drytron has less access to resources and disruptions. Of course though, this does not mean Drytron is out of the metagame. Even with just 1 Eva, the deck can still facilitate a good board to end on (if left uninterrupted), and with 1 Eva, they can still get anywhere from 1-2 disruptions with the Orange Light. So yeah, don’t count out Drytron just yet.


Prank-Kids Meow-Meow-Mu

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Wow, the deck managed to win the first US YCS Remote Duel and this is Konami’s way of congratulating the deck for its hard work!? For shame.


Anyway, while Prank-Kids isn’t necessarily the best deck of the format (and some probably wouldn’t even consider it to be tier 1), it still managed to top in a bunch of Remote Duel tournaments. Konami though seems to have drawn a bit of a concern about what might happen if this deck was left unchecked and decided to hit their favorite starter card, Meow-Mu.


Meow-Mu is a fan favorite card for Prank-Kids as this Link-1 monster makes all of your Prank-Kids monsters into 1 card starters. Now though, once you’ve summoned out your 1 Meow-Mu, you won’t be able to do that again on your next turn, unless you recycle the card. And while the deck does have a way to recycle their cards, that might not always happen since Meow-Mu also lets you use it as part of a substitution for the effect of a Prank-Kids monster that would tribute itself as cost to activate its effect. And another fan favorite card of Prank-Kids is their Boss monster, Battle Butler, which can destroy all of the opponent’s monsters. And since its effect is not once per turn, if you use Meow-Mu, you can disrupt your opponent with Butler’s effect again if they have any follow-ups or extenders.


Overall, you just have to pick your poison. But I will say, if you summon a card like Battle Butler during your opponent’s turn, you can essentially have a follow-up play for your next turn, with or without Meo-Mu. Also, now if this deck were to have their summon of Meow-Mu be negated, or if their Prank-Kids monster they used to summon Meow-Mu gets hit with an Ash Blossom, and they have no follow-up, they’ll be going up a creek without a paddle at that point.


Fire Formation – Tenki

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Yet another indirect hit to Tri-Brigade. This hit not only makes it harder for the deck to get access to the Zoodiac monsters, since they’re all Beast-Warrior monsters, but also makes it so they have a bit of a harder time getting a Tri-Brigade monster. More specifically, Fraktall (the only Tri-Brigade monster they can search with Tenki), which is like one their favorite Tri-Brigade monsters since Fraktall can not only fill up your GY with a bunch of monsters, but is also a 1900 ATK beater (or 2000 if you have Tenki face-up on the field).


Again, just like with Barrage, this move doesn’t really take Tri-Brigade off the metagame ladder. All this does is make the deck a little less consistent. For a deck like Tri-Brigade, I don’t think that’ll be too much of an issue.




Danger! Nessie!

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This is an interesting move since this card, as well as Jackalope and Tsuchinoko, went down to 1 due to how they can just help turbo out some decks, as well as get you some bodies on board that you can use for Extra Deck plays, that would more than likely turbo out the deck even more. While Jackalope and Tsuchinoko are still limited, it’s still interesting that Konami brought one of these Danger monsters back up to 2.


My initial thought, I don’t think this means we’ll start to see some decks start turboing out like crazy. I think Konami is testing out the waters and seeing if they might be able to bring at least one of the Danger cards off the list. Again, I don’t think Nessie going to 2 is going to cause any problems, but knowing how the Danger archetype had functioned in the past, we’ll need to keep our eyes out and pay attention to this.


Performapal Skullcrobat Joker

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Pendulum Magician hasn’t really been doing much since this card went back up to 1 on the last banlist update, so I don’t expect the deck to do much still after this. Heck, I don’t see any Pendulum deck doing a whole lot until either Konami gives us another busted Pendulum archetype, or until they decide to take Heavymetalfoes Electrumite off the list, which is anyone’s guess when that card will come off the list. Until that happens, Joker going to 2 should be fine.


Emergency Teleport

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Now this is an interesting change to the list. Emergency Teleport (aka E-Tele) is a very powerful card. Being able to grab any Level 3 or lower Psychic monster from your deck can be very, very good. Also, this card’s effect is not once per turn, so you can have a good amount of interesting plays to make with this card.


Obviously this move was made to help sell the upcoming Grand Creators set, which contains a brand new archetype called “P.U.N.K.”, and that archetype is full of a bunch of Level 3 Psychic monsters. However, this change not only helps sell the upcoming P.U.N.K. archetype, but it also helps Virtual World – another archetype that has a good amount of Level 3 Psychic monsters. And Virtual World has been a good meta contender during this format. While it has not won major events, it has nonetheless managed to still top those events. Winning is one thing, but being able to top consistently is another thing.


I would keep my eyes out for Virtual World moving forward. I don’t think the deck will suddenly be the new best deck of the format, but it’s still a powerful deck worth considering if you’re looking to play a little bit of a meta game.




Double Iris Magician

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As I said before when we went over Skullcrobat Joker, Pendulum Magicians haven’t done a whole lot for quite some time. I don’t expect Iris coming off the list to change that. Again, unless Electrumite is coming off the next banlist, I don’t see this deck doing anything major in the TCG metagame.




Alright, so let’s talk about a couple of things on how the game is going to look moving forward.


First off, I still see Tri-Brigade being the best deck of the format, for the time being. Specifically, the Zoodiac Tri-Brigade deck. Though it did lose some consistency with loss of Barrage and the limit of Tenki, the deck can still do some amazing plays. And if they need to get some more consistency, they can use cards like Pot of Desires and Pot of Prosperity to help fill in the gap.


As for Drtyron, being restricted to 1 copy of Eva isn’t going to be too devastating for the deck. Even with just 1 Eva, the deck can still get access to at least 1 negation, on top of the strong board that the deck can still build. Also, the deck has recently been seen messing with the Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon engine, which did not get hit anywhere on this list, so they can basically just fill in the 1 missing Eva with the Dragoon package and call it a day. Drytron is not going anywhere just yet.


Then there’s Virtual World, which got a bit of a boost with E-Tele going to 2. This move isn’t going to make Virtual World the best deck of the upcoming format, but it does give them a better chance to continue with their plays if they were to get hit by something that would remove one of their cards on the field that they need in order to start comboing off. So yeah, keep an eye out for Virtual World.


Finally, Prank-Kids are still gonna be a good deck to use, despite being down to 1 Meow-Mu. The deck can still combo off like crazy if they go on uninterrupted. Overall, it still has the power to top, but it’ll be interesting to see how it adapts moving forward.


Now, let’s talk about some of the cards that did not get touched.

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As I said before, Dragoon did not get hit anywhere on this list! Many players were hoping to see this card go bye-bye given the fact that it’s Dragoon. But what’s going to be interesting though is that once November rolls around, we’re going to be getting the next core booster set, Burst of Destiny. In that set, we’re going to be getting some new Destiny HERO cards. More specifically, “Destiny HERO – Destroy Phoenix Enforcer”.

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Because of what this card does, we’ve seen the OCG start using a Destiny HERO engine to help turbo out this card. Basically, it’s like a different brand of Dragoon.


What makes this interesting is whether we’ll see players drop Dragoon for Destroy Phoenix Enforcer. Will players prefer a Towers boss monster that can not only pop 1-2 monsters and burn the opponent, but also has an omni-negate on top of all of that? Or, will they prefer a monster that can pop any card on the field as a Quick-Effect, and can bring itself back during the next turn if it gets destroyed? It’s going to be interesting to see what the players will go for.

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Another card that avoided this list was Mystic Mine. This card has recently gotten attention thanks to the latest update to the OCG banlist where they’ve banned Mystic Mine. That move had sparked some hope in the TCG community that we might see the same treatment happen on our list. But as we just saw, that did not happen. That’s not to say Mystic Mine doesn’t deserve to be hit, but it looks like Konami feels okay with keeping the card around a while longer. I’ll tell you right now, if you hate Mystic Mine and want it gone, then start playing it at future Remote Duel tournaments. And if you manage to top consistently with the deck, then maybe Konami will open to negotiations.


There’s also a bunch of cards that many players were hoping to see come off the list, but I’m not gonna go over them.


Overall, what do I think of this list? Honestly, I’m indifferent. Yes, this list does not change the current metagame entirely. The top tier decks we currently have are probably still gonna exist for another 3 months or so, but honestly, I don’t see that as a bad thing. This past format has been pretty diverse. Yes, we have our top meta decks, but we also have had a bunch of different decks top many different events. Besides the top meta decks, we’ve had decks like: Dragon Link, Guru Control, Shaddoll Invoked Dogmatika, and even Altergeist do well.


Granted, many players want to see something new, but new stuff will be coming once Burst of Destiny comes out. Until then, we’ll have to put up with the current format, which won’t be too bad, in my opinion at least.


Anyway, those are all my thoughts. Let know what you think of the new banlist in the comments below! Do you love it? Is it okay? Do you think Konami didn’t do enough on this list? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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I’ll see you guys in the next one! Hope you have/had an awesome day today! :grin: :thumbsup: