Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and I am here to give out my thoughts on the July 1, 2021 OCG banlist. Not a whole lot of changes were made to the list, but it is going to cripple the best deck currently in the OCG. Only a little bit, but time will tell if it’ll be enough. Now while this list doesn’t impact those of us in the TCG, it’s always fun to go over the new OCG list and see if we could expect any similar changes to be made on our list in the future. As I said, this list will only be affecting the OCG, which is all of Asia. If you do not live there, then this list will not affect you in any way. Alright, let’s get into it!

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Remember: Forbidden = 0 copies; Limited = 1 copy; Semi-Limited = up to 2 copies; Unlimited/No Longer on the List = up to 3 copies.




Zoodiac Drident

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You were let out for good behavior, and now you must return to atone for all the new souls you have sent to the Shadow Realm. (Zoodiac fans are not gonna be happy about this.) Drident’s first time getting banned in the OCG was back in April of 2017, due to the fact of how powerful Zoodiac was around that time. (Like even local card stores around there would not allow players to play Zoodiac in their tournament due to how powerful the archetype was.) It wasn’t until the beginning of last year (January 2020) that Drident went back to 1 in the OCG.


She didn’t cause much trouble when released, but jump forward to mid 2021 and you can see Zoodiacs making some noise once again. This time, they have partnered with the Tri-Brigade archetype. With their combined efforts, they dominated the OCG metagame. Keep in mind, it was not as absurd as it was in 2017 when it was just Zoodiac itself. Unfortunately, it was enough to get Konami’s vote to send Drident back to ban camp.




Nothing new was added to the limited section this time around.




PSY-Framegear Gamma

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Wow. Okay. I think this was hit in order to hurt Zoodiac Tri-Brigade, which some builds incorporate into their Side Deck. The purpose of playing this card is to counter any hand traps your opponent would try to drop on you, and ensure your plays go through. I believe it’s for that reason that Gamma got hit. All in order to make sure players will have a better chance at activating and resolving their hand traps and stop the Zoodiac Tri-Brigade deck. Kind of a similar reason why Called by the Grave was put to 2 on their list as well.


Fire Formation – Tenki

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And the hits to Zoodiac Tri-Brigade just keep on rolling. Tenki is such a key card for any Beast-Warrior deck since it can add any Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior to your hand. For Zoodiac Tri-Brigade, this meant they could get either any Zoodiac monster they desired, or Tri-Birgade Fraktall, and get their plays rolling. While putting this card to 2 won’t fully stop any of that, it will hurt the deck’s consistency a little bit.


Pendulum Call

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Man, how long has it been since we’ve seen this card? Pendulum Call was limited back in April of 2016 in order to limit the power of Draco Pals, which was one of the best decks at the time. However, in today’s world, Pendulums haven’t really done a whole lot. Including its present form: Pendulum Magician. Bumping this card up to two is not gonna change much besides adding a little more consistency to the deck. Probably by next list the OCG we’ll have this card back to 3.




Firewall Dragon

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Not very surprised. For those of you that don’t know, Firewall received an errata to its effect a while back, making it a little less powerful since it’s now only best used in Cyberse decks. And because of that, the card hasn’t caused a whole lot of trouble like it did before, so putting this card back at 3 will not change that one bit.



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This card hasn’t done a whole lot since it went up to 2 back in January of 2020. I’m a bit surprised it took this long for the card to fully come off the list, but I guess Konami was trying to be careful since we were going to be entering Master Rule 5 (MR5) later that year.


Wind-Up Magician

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This card was hit as part of the precaution for when we entered the MR5 era. (Possibly fearing the possibility the deck’s infamous hand loop would pop up again.) But since Wind-Ups haven’t really done anything, not even this card alone has done anything, Wind-Up Magician was able to come back to 3.


Union Carrier

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Another card that was hit as a precaution when we entered into MR5. This card hasn’t done a whole lot. And the deck that uses it, ABC, hasn’t really done anything lately, so this card was able to come off the list.




Overall, I feel this list was okay. Didn’t do a whole lot besides bring back some cards that aren’t even going to do anything, and hit Zoodiac Tri-Brigade. Speaking of which, the question now becomes: will Zoodiac Tri-Brigade still be the best deck of the new format? While the deck did lose a little bit of protection, consistency, and Zoodiac Drident, it can still put up some good stuff. After all, the deck can still summon out some powerful monsters on their first turn. Like Apollousa and Ancient Warriors Oath, along with their favorite Trap Card, Tri-Brigade Revolt. And since the deck can still use the Zoodiac part, they can at least still go for AA-ZEUS.


In my opinion, I think this deck will maintain its place in the OCG metagame, for the time being. Will it stay at the top is the big question, because there’s been one deck that has been tailing behind this one for quite some time. Virtual World!

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Since the OCG has True King of All Calamities still at 1, Virtual World can give Zoodiac Tri-Brigade a run for its money. And that’s on top of the fact that they can make any Level/Rank 3/6/9 Synchro & Xyz Monster. Since this deck did not get hit at all, Zoodiac Tri-Brigade needs to stay on its toes even more, or they’re SOL.


Of course though, there are still plenty of other decks that could also come take that top spot. But right now, for the OCG, everyone’s eyes are on Zoodiac Tri-Brigade and Virtual World. They just better not ignore any of the other decks though, or life’s gonna bite them right in the butt.


Now the big question: will we see any of these changes made in a future TCG banlist? Well, some of the stuff they touched on is no longer on our list, so that’s irrelevant. Although, the hits to Drident and Gamma do catch my attention.


Zoodiac Tr-Brigade has only recently started to become a relevant competitive deck now that Lightning Overdrive is released. While I don’t see this deck getting hit on our next upcoming banlist (which is presumably in the next month or so), there could be a chance for the deck to get hit in the future. If so though, I don’t think Drident will get hit. My guess it will be something else entirely. Could be wrong though.


As for Gamma, I could see this card getting hit too. Presumably to 2. Or 1 if they really want to stop people from abusing it. (Konami doesn’t need to ban it, because what good will it do playing 1 copy of Gamma since you also have to play a dead card in order to make it work.) Gamma has been putting in the work these days. Especially since Called by the Grave is stuck at 1 copy right now. I’m not saying Konami should hit this card, but I can see them hitting it here in the TCG.


Thank you guys for reading this! What do you guys think of this list? Do you think Konami did a good job on this list? Or did they not do enough? Are there any changes made on this list that you hope to see in a future TCG banlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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I’ll see you guys in the next one! Hope you have/had an awesome day today! :grin: :thumbsup: