Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and I’m here to challenge you to a duel!

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Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of new users come on to this amino and make their little introduction posts, saying they’re looking to duel with someone. From what I’ve seen, not a lot of users answer the call. Well, I’m here to answer everyone’s call! I challenge all of you to a duel!


How’s this gonna work? Simple. Since I’m making myself available to duel, all you have to do is simply message me in my PMs and say, “I challenge you to a duel!”


HOWEVER, I do have some guidelines, or rules, that I want you to read before you message me. These are important because they’re gonna dictate how our duel is going to work.




1. I Will Only Duel On Online Platforms

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This means I will NOT do: chat duels, custom card duels, role-play duels or remote duels (I do plan on being able to do remote duels in the future, but today is not that day). If we’re going to be dueling, we’ll be doing it on one of the following platforms: Dueling Book, Edopro, Dueling Nexus or YGO Omega. If you are unable to use any of these platforms, then I’ll be waiting until you are able to.


2. TCG Duels Only

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Since I am a resident of the TCG area, I will be choosing to play only TCG duels, and we will be playing under the current TCG banlist. However, I may be open to doing TCG/OCG duels – a duel where we can use cards that are available in both the TCG & OCG, but still be playing under the current TCG banlist. But most of the time, I would prefer doing TCG duels.


Besides that, you can duel me with any deck that you want to use.


3. I Will Not Hold Back

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This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be using a top tier, meta deck all the time. I’m going to use any deck that I choose (meta or not). What I’m trying to say here is this: no matter what deck I use, if I have a chance to go full combo, or win the duel, I’m going to take it. For example, if I were to go first and have a way to stop you from building your board, I’m going to go for it. I don’t care if you’re new to the game or not, the best I can do is play a low tier deck. To me, that is me holding back. But even then, I’m going to build the best board I can make and try to beat you with it, so be ready.


Also, if we were to play on a Manual Dueling System, like Dueling Book, I’m going to make sure that we play a fair game. In other words: I’m going to make sure you follow the rules of the game. I know how a lot of the card text in Yu-Gi-Oh works, and I’m going to use that knowledge to not only beat you, but to keep you from cheating (whether it’s done intentionally or not). Of course though, I will make sure that I follow the rules too. Again, I don’t care if you’re new to the game or not, I’m going to make sure we have a fair game. And if something happens that you don’t understand, I will do my best to explain how and why it happened the way that it did.


4. Scheduling

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Even though I’m making myself available to duel, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be free 24/7. I have my own life to live and goals that I’m looking to achieve before I kick the bucket. What we can do though is schedule a time to have our duel. Keep in mind: I live in the U.S. Specifically, the Mountain Standard Time Zone. In other words: I’m an hour ahead of PST (Pacific Standard Time) and two hours behind EST (Eastern Standard Time). We can figure everything else out once you’ve messaged me.


5. I Can & Will Deny Your Duel Request If I Deem So

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Just because you asked to duel me, that doesn’t mean I’m going to, or have to, accept. If I feel like it, I can deny it. I will especially deny it if you’ve been very rude to me or to others. Please be nice and considerate.


6. Have Fun

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Quick fact about me: I love Yu-Gi-Oh, and I love playing it. The point of this game is to have fun. Win or lose, as long as I get to play the game that I love, then I’m going to have fun no matter what. Of course though, I want you to have fun too. Now that doesn’t I’m gonna hold back in our duel (read rule #2), but if you feel like you are having trouble with something in Yu-Gi-Oh, I would be willing to help. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m always going to be available (read rule #3), but I would like to help if it means making you into a stronger duelist. If that happens, then that means I can have more fun.


Anyway, dueling reservations are open now! Just message me and say, “I challenge you to a duel” and we can figure out where to go from there. Make sure you’ve read all the rules beforehand though. If you haven’t, then we’re gonna have a problem. If you have, then I look forward to dueling with you. Hit me with your best shot, duelist!

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