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Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and I’m here to give an update on my Amino duel report! I changed the title of this report from the previous title, Amino Report Score, because it confused some of the people that read it, so hopefully this new title makes more sense. If not, then give me a name for this and maybe, just maybe, I’ll use it as my new title.


Anyway, to start this off, let me just say that you guys are amazing! I received more duel request from you guys this week compared to last week. Glad to see more of you were more than willing to answer the call to action. Either that or calling everyone here a coward really woke you up from your little nap. And to those of you that haven’t answered the call yet: *cough* cowards! *cough* Oh, excuse me. I have no idea where that came from. :smirk:


If you want to duel against me, then click here and figure out how. I can’t make these reports if there’s no one to duel against, so if you want to take up the challenge, then don’t hesitate! Because right now, I’m feeling like Seto Kaiba, and to me, you’re all so weak.

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Let’s see if this will get more of you to answer the call.


Moving on, for all of these duels, since everyone was giving me one hell of a time with Dragoon and Phoenix Enforcer last week, I decided to go with a pure Tri-Brigade deck.

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I’ve played Zoodiac Tri-Brigade before, but wanted to give the pure version a shot. Tri-Brigade is very fun. It’s incredibly powerful how it can just summon out powerful Link Monsters with just one monster effect. Not only that, but being able to disrupt the opponent and ensure you have a play for next turn is so good. And it’s very splashable with any other archetype that consists of Beast, Beast-Warrior, and/or Winged Beast monsters. Highly recommend giving this archetype a try. Alright, let’s see who the victims were this week.

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Deck of Choice: Gladiator Beast

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Game 1: I went first and established a nice field with an Apollousa with 2400 ATK and a set Tri-Brigade Revolt. (Could’ve done it a bit better looking back, but it is what it is.) During Birb’s turn, he tried to search out a Glad Beast, which was met by an Ash Blossom. From there, he conceded.


Game 2: He went first this time and started off pretty nice until I Ghost Belled his Gladiator Beast’s Comeback. From there, he passed his turn with just a Test Panther on his field. On my turn, I tried to see if I could OTK him, but wasn’t able to figure out if it was possible, so I summoned out: Tri-Brigade Ferrijit the Barren Blossom, Tri-Brigade Fraktall, and Tri-Brigade Shuraig the Ominous Omen. From there, I went to deal some damage, that was until I was met with Gladiator Beast Noxious. After I proceeded to end my Battle Phase, he used Noxious’s effect to summon Augustus, which I used Forbidden Droplet on to keep him from gaining a resource. I then made Tri-Brigade Rugal the Silver Sheller and set the Revolt before passing. (Probably should’ve gone for Apollousa since I had the Revolt, but oh well.)


On his next turn, he baited out my disruption with Shuraig (which I probably could’ve let go of since I still had to Revolt and he would’ve had to waste his Battle Phase). After he did that, he proceeded to summon out Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor and Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, which targeted my Shuraig and set Revolt to pop. Because it did, I chained my Revolt to summon another Shuraig so that I would still have one on my field next turn. Plus, the resources I gained through the effects of my Tri-Brigade monsters ensured I had plays for next turn. He conceded shortly afterwards because he knew what was to come.


Animelover 3919

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Deck of Choice: Rokket

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Game 1: He went first and wasn’t able to do much besides make Quadborrel Dragon and pass. During my turn, I went full combo into a Shuraig and an Accesscode Talker. I thought I could OTK him that, but neglected the fact that I activated Pot of Prosperity earlier that turn, which halves all the damage that turn. I was still in a good spot though since I drew the Revolt for my opening hand. So I set that card and pass. On his turn, he tried to make a move, but I was able to stop him and finish him off on my next turn.


Game 2: He went first again and this time did a slight bit better by ending his turn with just a Borrelsword. On my turn, I was about to end this guy’s whole career. I was able to go full combo, got rid of his Borrelsword, and then just swung for game with Shuraig and Accesscode.



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Deck of Choice: Galaxy-Eyes

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Game 1: I went first and was able to go full combo and ended my turn with a 3200 ATK Apollousa, Ancient Warriors Oath – Double Dragon Lords, and a set Revolt. On his turn, he summoned out a Photon Crusher and tried to use the effect of Galaxy Soldier to Special Summon itself, but I kept negating it with Apollousa (Galaxy Soldier’s effect is not once per turn). As soon as my Apollousa was down to 1600, he went into the Battle Phase and tried to swing over it with his Crusher. However, thanks to the effect of my Double Dragon Oath, I was able to bounce back his monster and save my Apollousa. He then passed his turn with a set card, which was dealt with my Shraig during his End Phase, courtesy of my set Revolt. On my next turn, I brought out Accesscode and attacked directly for game.


Game 2: I went first again, which surprised me a bit, but then I remembered his deck likes to go second. Regardless, I was able to make some plays, but couldn’t do much like in game 1, so I ended my turn with a 1600 ATK Apollousa, with a set Revolt and Crossout Designator. On his turn, he attempted to go for some plays, but they got met by my Apollousa. Once Apollousa’s ATK hit 0, he swung over it with a Starliege Lord Galaxion. After that, he set a card and passed, but, just like in game 1, I quickly used Revolt during his End Phase to make Shuraig and banish his set card. Since I did, I was able to gain a resource, thanks to Tri-Brigade Nervall. I then used that resource to remove his Starliege, make Accesscode and attack for game.


Enishi (aka DK)

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Deck of Choice: Destiny HERO

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(Apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson from last time.)


Game 1: He goes first and tries to establish a play, but thanks to cards like Ash Blossom and Effect Veiler, I was able to stop him in his tracks. On my turn, I activated Fraktall’s effect to try and fill up my GY, but DK tried to do to me what I did to him with his Ash Blossom. Except, I had a way to counter it thanks to my PSY-Framegear Gamma. And since it was my turn, I was able to make PSY-Framelord Omega and banish a card from his hand (in order to lessen the chances for a potential Nibiru). Since I couldn’t go for game with the hand I had, I just dealt some damage and made a 1600 ATK Apollousa with a set Called By the Grave and Revolt in my backrow. He conceded shortly after.


Game 2: I went first this time and oh my god did my hand suck! What is a player supposed to do with: 2 copies of Gamma, 1 Revolt, 1 Infinite Impermanence, and 1 Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion? All I did was pass turn. On his turn, I did my best to try and slow him down a bit, but he was able to end his turn with Destroy Phoenix Enforcer. However, I figured if I could chain my Ghost Belle to it when it got destroyed, I would be good. Luckily on my next turn, I drew into a Tri-Brigade Kitt and started to go for a play by using the Kitt to make Almiraj, which got popped by Destroy Phoenix Enforcer. (Weird, but I’m not gonna complain about it.) And just like I planned, I was able to chain my Ghost Belle to stop his Phoenix Enforcer from summoning itself back! After that, all I could do was fill up my GY to make my Revolt live.


During his turn, he starts making a play that eventually lead to a Verte Anaconda. As soon as he summoned the Anaconda, I should’ve activated my Revolt, but didn’t. With that Verte, he brings out another Destroy Phoenix Enforcer. And unfortunately, I chained my Revolt to the activation of his Verte, hoping to banish his Phoenix Enforcer, but soon realized that wasn’t gonna happen as he popped my summoned Shuraig. On my next turn, I was surprisingly able to make a play when all he had to do was pop my summoned monster to stop me in my tracks. But, he let it go through. Shortly afterwards, I found out he had a Nibiru in hand. I was not taking this game.


Game 3: I went first again and had an okay hand, but at least I was able to do something this time. All I could do was summon a 1600 ATK Apollousa and set a Revolt before ending my turn. On his turn, he summons Destiny HERO – Dystopia and tries to swing over my Apollousa, which made me activate my set Revolt, summon Shuraig and banish his Dystopia. During his Main Phase 2, he activate Nibiru from his hand, since I did summon 5 monsters that turn due to my Revolt, which I had to negate with Apollousa. He then summoned a Vision HERO Vyon, and there I thought I was gonna be in trouble, but after I negated Vyon’s mill effect, DK ended his turn. On my next turn, I was able to make Accesscode and OTK him for game.


Nathan V

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Deck of Choice: Abyss Actor

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Game 1: I went first and started doing the usual combo, but I was trying to see if I could end on both an Apollousa and a Double Dragons Lords. As I went through the combo, I soon realized I was one short away from a Double Dragon Lords. And that was problem because I had Tri-Brigade Bearbrumm the Rampant Rampager out on my field, and if I activate her search effect, which I definitely needed to do, then I can’t Special Summon any other monsters besides Tri-Brigade monsters for the rest of the turn. With that little hindrance, I ended up just going for an Apollusa, with 3200 ATK, and a set Revolt.


During Nathan’s turn, he summoned out Abyss Actor – Curtain Raiser, and then proceeded to activate Abyss Script – Rise of the Abyss King to pop my Apollousa!. (Oh crap.) Since I couldn’t negate his spell, I lost my Apollousa. :scream: He then proceeds to make his board presence, but as soon as he activated the Field Spell, Abyss Playhouse – Fantastic Theater, that required a response from my end, so I activated Revolt, summoned Shuraig, banished his Field Spell and searched out a Fraktall. With that gone, Nathan continued on and ended on board with: Curtain Raiser, Abyss Actor – Superstar, Abyss Actor – Evil Heel,  and an Abyss Actor – Hyper Director. Along with Abyss Actor – Mellow Madonna and Abyss Actor – Funky Comedian in his Pendulum Scales.


He then activated Abyss Script – Fantasy Magic on his Superstar in order to send my Shuraig back to my Extra Deck, but it did require the Superstart to do battle, so he lost his Superstar, but he dealt me a good amount of damage. Plus, things we’re not looking good for me. If I didn’t out his board, he was going to kill me on his next turn.


On my turn, I’m gonna be honest, I tried to plan this all out, but I figured out the rest just on the spot. I summoned my Fraktall and used its effect to summon Shuraig to banish his Mellow Madonna (that way he can’t search out another Abyss Actor monster). From there, I used my two monsters to make Ferrijit, used Shuraig’s other effect to search Nervall, Special Summoned the Nervall and used its effect to summon my other copy of Bearbrumm and used both it and Ferrijit to make Accesscode and search for another copy of Revolt. Thanks to my Accessocde, I was able to clear his whole board. I set the Revolt before passing, and he conceded shortly after since he didn’t have much left to work with.


Game 2: Nathan went first this time and just ended his turn. (He bricked pretty hard.) Since I had a chance to possibly go for game, I tried to see if it would be possible. And luckily it was. On my turn, I was able to end on an Accesscode with 5300 ATK and a Hraesvelgr, the Desperate Doom Eagle (which was at 4800 ATK since my opponent didn’t have a single monster in their GY). With these two monsters, I was able to OTK my opponent for game!


Local War Criminal

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Deck of Choice: Burning Abyss (Trap Version)

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Game 1: Criminal got to go first and started his turn out pretty well and later made a Verte Anaconda and tried to use its effect to summon Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. Luckily, I had a way to stop it, so I chained my Effect Veiler to his Verte, which got met by his Called By the Grave. (God dang it!… Psyche! Just Kidding.) As soon as he did that, I chained my Infinite Impermanence from my hand. No way am I dealing with a Dragoon straight off the bat.


While I was fortunate to not deal with a Dragoon, my opening hand was left to be desired. In other words, I couldn’t go full combo, but I had ways to disrupt him, so I felt a bit okay with what I had. And this game really took its sweet time. We went back and forth quite a bit that he went through: an Accesscode, a Zeus, and a Nibiru. In the end though, I did my best to survive until I could do something, but he kept stopping whenever he could and eventually took the game.


Game 2: I went first this time, and once again, my hand was left to be desired. All I could do was set a Kitt, set some backrow and pass. Luckily though, as he was going off, I managed to weaken him a bit by dropping Nibiru on him. (Payback!) However, his traps were still able to slow me down a bit, so it was still a bit hard to go full combo. Eventually though, I was able to make an Accesscode. While I wasn’t able to swing for game, I did have a copy of Revolt, along with my, still, set backrow, so I had ways to disrupt him and go for game on my next turn. I guess he realized what was going to happen though since he quickly surrendered after his turn started.


Game 3: Criminal went first again, and while he didn’t make the board he wanted to, he was still in a pretty good position with a Gravity Controller and a set card on his field. Plus, he had a way to continue his plays for next turn. On my turn, I tried to make some plays, but they got met with a Solemn Judgment and an Ash Blossom. Because of all that, I had to use my Pot of Prosperity and hope to hit a card that could help. (I didn’t use it at the start because I had a way to go for game and wanted to see if it would be possible). Luckily, I got myself an extender in the form of Kerag and managed to summon Accesscode, along with adding a copy of Revolt to my hand thanks to Bearbrumm. I then popped his Gravity Controller with Accesscode, swung in for some damage, and ended my turn with an Imperm and a Revolt set on my field. On his next turn, he scooped it up.


(Gotta say, that was my favorite duel overall this week.)

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Current Score: 13 pts


With 4, 2-0 wins, I earned 8 pts. And with 2, 2-21 wins, I earned 2 pts. Combine all of that with my score from last week, which was 3 pts, you get 13.


Ending the week on 13 pts. That’s really good. Especially since no one was able to beat me this week! You guys need to step up your game. My inner Kaiba is laughing right now, and he’s not gonna shut up until someone beats me.

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Anyway, thank you to everyone I dueled against this week! I had a great time. (Then again, any time I get to duel with someone is always going to be a great time.) Through these duels, I came to realize some of the problems with the Tri-Brigade deck I was using, as well as helping me better understand the deck altogether. Come challenge me again any time!


If you want to challenge me to a duel, then click here to find out how. TL;DR: just message me saying, “I challenge you to a duel!” Of course though, be sure to read through the rules so you know how this will work.

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I’ll see you guys in the next one! Hope you have/had an awesome day today! :grin: