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Hey everyone, this is The_SynchroGuy, and I am here to give you an update on my Amino Duel Report. Thanks for being patient with me on this. I didn’t post one last week because I barely had any challengers. I know there are players out there that were interested in taking me on in a duel, but I’m starting to think I need to be one challenging people now. If everyone’s gonna just hide in the shadows, then I might as well be the one to shine the light on them. You guys are not getting away from me! I will duel you, and when I do, I will defeat you!

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Real quick, if you want to challenge me to a duel, then click here to learn how. I will take on any and all challengers!


For this week, I decided to go with Virtual World once again.

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I kind of really like this deck now and want to try and get better with it. I keep noticing moments where I make a misplay here and there that could’ve been better had I done something else, so I want to try to perfect my skills with this deck as best as I can make it.


Alright, let’s talk about the duels.

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Deck of Choice: Thunder Dragon

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Game 1: Funny enough, he and I both bricked in our opening hands. He went first and couldn’t do anything, so he passed it to me. I draw for turn and my draw did not help me out one bit. My hand consisted of: 2x Kirin, 2x Laolao, 1x Triple Tactics Talent (TTT) and 1x Metalfoes Fusion. (Try playing Virtual World with a hand like that.) Given my situation, I had no choice but to pass. On his turn, he was able to make a play and summoned out Thunder Dragon Titan and Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon. Luckily, it wasn’t enough to get rid of all of my LP, so I had a chance to see if I could do something.


On my next turn, I drew into a Foolish Burial Goods, which was indeed helpful, but against a Dragoon with a bad hand was not exactly the greatest. However, I did have TTT, so I had something to possibly work with. I used my Foolish Burial Goods to send Qinglong to the GY. When I activated the GY effect of Qinglong, I was expecting him to stop it with Dragoon’s effect, but then he chained Skull Meister. I was not winning this game.


Game 2: I went first, and this time it was so much better. I was able to combo off into a pretty good board with Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon and a face-up Chuche. Also, I used TTT to shuffle away one of Birb’s cards, since he activated a monster effect during my Main Phase to try and stop me. And it was good that I did since the card I shuffled away was his only starter card in hand, so it was going to be a little bit tougher for him to beat me.


On Birb’s turn, he tried to make some plays, but I was able to stop him when he tried to do something big. Since I didn’t let him establish a good board presence, he shortly conceded.


Game 3: Birb went first and couldn’t do much but summon out a Verte and use its effect to summon out Dragoon. Luckily, I did have a plan to deal with it, I just needed to bait Dragoon’s negation. As long as he didn’t have any hand traps to back it up, I would have a shot.


On my turn, I made some plays to try and bait out Dragoon by activating cards like Qinglong and Pot of Desires, but Birb would not bite. He knew how Virtual World works and was waiting for the right card to hit. Knowing this, I had no choice but to give him what he wanted. I summoned out a Nyannyan and then activated the effect of Lulu from my hand. He then proceeded to chain to Lulu with Dragoon’s effect and destroyed it. But now, my victory was a sure thing.

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I activated TTT and took control of his Dragoon! I then activated Emergency Teleport to summon another Lulu and used both it and Nyannyan to make Break Sword (just in case I needed to go into Zeus). After popping his Verte with Dragoon’s effect, I proceeded to battle and attack him directly for game.


Joey Wheeler

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Deck of Choice: EARTH Machine

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Game 1: I went first and was going to go for my intended board with Crystal Wing, Caliga and Chuche, but he used Ash on one of my VW monsters. At that point, all I could do was make Shenshen, set Chuche and pass.


On his turn, he used his cards to summon out an Ancient Gear Ballista and Gear Gigant X. This wasn’t too big of a board presence, but just against my Shenshen, it was good enough. And he also had some cards to make a play for next turn, so he was in a pretty good spot. He used the effect of Ballista to make Shenshen’s ATK/DEF 0 and beat over it. He then set a card before passing.


On my turn, I summoned out Vermillion Dragon Mech in order to get rid of his set card, in case it was a trap that could probably really hurt me. He then chained his face-down card, which was Machina Overdrive.

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He tried to use it to pop his Ballista and, possibly, summon Machina Citadel, but I chained my Chuche and popped his Ballista first. And since Ballista got removed before the Overdrive could resolve, it couldn’t check the name of the monster it targeted. Meaning, no Special Summon for Joey. From there, I summoned out Utopia Beyond and summoned back my Shenshen. With them, and Vermillion, I was able to swing in for game,


Game 2: I went first again and had a pretty good hand. Instead of trying to go for the main board I usually go for, I went a little bit different here and just summoned Shenshen, a M7 (which I forgot to use the effect of in order to add back a VW monster) and a Nyannyan, with a set Chuche, before passing.


On Joey’s turn, he went and made some plays to get some of the cards he needed, but couldn’t do much besides pass with an Infinitrack River Stormer and a Machina Fortress on his field. And during his End Phase, I used Chuche to pop his Fortress so I didn’t have to deal with it on my turn.


On my next turn, I bounced back his River Stormer with M7’s effect, summoned out Vermillion Dragon Mech and then just attacked him for game. (Man, I was kind of hoping he would be able to bring out Citadel. I really like that card.)


Enishi (DK)

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Deck of Choice: Destiny HERO

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Game 1: I got to go first and established a board with Crystal Wing, Tzolkin, and a Jiji, with an Imperm and Chuche set on my field.


During DK’s turn, he tried to go for a play with Vision HERO – Vyon, which I chained my Imperm to, but then he chained Mask Change and brought out Dark Law. And since my Imperm’s target was no longer on the field, Vyon’s effect got to go through and he sent Shadow Mist. He then tried to use Shadow Mist’s search effect, but I chained Crystal Wing, hoping he didn’t have any other follow up, which he didn’t as he just attacked over my Jiji and set cards before passing. And during his End Phase, I activated Chuche to destroy his Dark Law so that my VW monsters could use their effects during my turn.


On my turn, I summoned a Break Sword to try and pop his backrow, but as soon as I summoned it, he activated Super Poly and used my Break Sword and Tzolkin to make Starving Venom Fusion Dragon. I wasn’t too concerned though since I had Crystal Wing on my field. I then went and made a M7, which I could’ve used to bounce his Starving Venom, but opted to bounce back one of my VW cards in order to try and go for game. I then brought out a Stardust Charge Warrior, used its effect to draw a card, and I drew into TTT. And since he did activate Starving Venom’s effect, to boost its ATK, during my Main Phase, I was able to use the TTT to take his Starving Venom and swing for game.


Game 2: Okay, this game I seriously messed up. DK went first and went to make a play with Vyon, which I tried to hit with the Imperm, but he chained Mask Change and brought out Dark Law. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that Imperm was my only chance to possibly deal with the Dark Law and make it so I could play the game. Because I couldn’t negate the Dark Law, I quickly conceded.

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Game 3: I went first and while I wasn’t able to bring out Crystal Wing and Caliga, I established a pretty decent board with Shenshen, a Chuche, and two copies of Imperm set on my field.


However, I got a little too greedy, because on DK’s turn, the first thing he did was activate Lightning Storm and blew up my backrow. He then summoned out a Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer (DPE) and attacked over my Shenshen before ending his turn.


On my turn, I was, surprisingly, able to get out two VW monsters, which I used to summon Break Sword and force DK to activate the effect of DPE, which he did, popping both itself and my Break Sword. Fortunately for me, the card I drew for turn was TTT, and I used it to draw 2 cards. And here, this was kind of funny, because my draws were: Virtual World City – Kauwloon and Anti-Spell Fragrence. It was like my deck was giving me a choice to either try to go for game, or try to stun my opponent. After thinking it through, and realizing I don’t have inevitability on my side, I decided to try and win the duel here and now.


I used Shenshen’s effect to bring itself back, summoned out a: Lulu, Laolao, Nyannyan and Jiji. I then used Laolao and Jiji to make Vermillion Dragon Mech and just had enough damage on board to attack for game.

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Current score: 19 pts


Since I only got one 2-0 win and two 2-1 wins, that’s 4 more points added to my score.


I’m glad I was able to win these duels, but I still feel like my skills need to be polished a bit more. However, I do want to try out some other decks. Especially since Synchro Storm was recently released, and Burst of Destiny will be TCG legal starting next week, so there will be some new stuff for me to try out. We’ll see what happens.


Thank you to everyone I’ve dueled against this past week or so. Feel free to challenge me again any time! If you want to challenge me to a duel, then click here to find out how. TL;DR: just message me saying, “I challenge you to a duel!” Of course though, be sure to read through the rules so you know how this will work.

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